Sell Your House

If you are interested in immediately selling your property, we can help! We have many unique home buying programs that enable us to buy your house quickly and relieve you from the tedious process of selling the traditional way through a Realtor or FSBO (For Sale By Owner).

Regardless of condition or situation, we can purchase most houses in the Metro Detroit and surrounding areas. You can move in a few days, few weeks, or whatever your time-frame suits you best.

Our Most Popular & Preferred Selling Method:

  • RENT-TO-SELL Program – We’ll match you up with a Rent-To-Own Tenant/Buyer!
  • First of all, this program costs you NOTHING! That’s right. There are no out of pocket costs to you as the Home Seller.
  • We match you with a Rent-To-Own Tenant/Buyer from our highly screened and pre-qualified Rent-To-Own Buyer’s List which continues to grow everyday.
  • We do ALL the work in pre-screening and matching the right Tenant/Buyer with your property.
  • Technically, the Tenant/Buyer would be renting your property until they purchase the property at a later time with their own financing.
  • We also provide you with Michigan Attorney Approved Contracts to legally secure the arrangement. And again, all of this is of no cost to you
    Other Proven & Highly Effective Programs:
  • CASH BUY Program – Funds readily available to close as soon as title is clear (1-3 weeks depending on the city or county).
  • TAKE OVER PAYMENTS Program – Depending on your mortgage(s), total loan-to-value, property condition, we can relieve you of your monthly debt burden so you can move on.
  • Need a Realtor, Property Manager or General Contractor? We have several recommendations of seasoned and proven Realtors, Managers & GC’s we’d be more than happy to recommend.

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Please take a moment to tell us all about your house and situation. We’ll review your information and call you shortly to discuss a solution. All information provided will be kept strictly confidential.